12 December 2009

Insurance Day, 2008

General Insurances Association of Malaysia in conjunction with members of the general insurance industry organizes events to promote insurance awareness amongst members of the public and as part of its corporate social responsibility program. Such event are usually organized in celebration of Insurance Day on 27th July each year.

The 2008 Insurance Day event was jointly organized by the insurance and takaful industries in conjuction with the Insurance and Takaful Walk 2008 which was participated by over 1,500 insurance employees and members of the public. The joint event included a community health project to create awareness on living healthily and to demonstrate to the public that they can improve their own health by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

The activities under this community project included free health screening test and a blood donation drive. Qualified dieticians were also present for consultation. This event also served as a platform for members of the industry and the public to interact; to get to know each other and to build closer rapport whilst enjoying a competitive outdoor sporting activity.

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